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Girl Kills Baby After Birth, Dumps In Farm June 20, 2009

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By Philo Happi in Bamenda

of Old Town, a neighbourhood in Bamenda, Mezam Division were rudely
shocked with the discovery of a strangled baby in a farm near their
church recently.
Reports say the state in which the dead baby was
found, by all indications, had been strangled. Seemingly it resisted
death and so the perpetrator of the crime, yet to be identified packed
a heap of stones on the baby apparently to make sure it did not survive.

This discovery brings the number of baby victims to two in two weeks
in Old Town. The first victim was dumped in a pit toilet, but luckily,
the baby survived.
These two incidents closely on the heels of each
other within a month have made many to wonder aloud why girls have
decided to be so wicked. In spite of all appeals to young girls to keep
away from poor sexual habits and especially unprotected sex, they have
continued unabated. In fact, it looks as if this has instead spurred
the girls in this area to step up their promiscuity. The cry against
HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases seems to have no effect on


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