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Akon Visits Sierraleon and gets a Welcome À La Michael Jackson May 7, 2010

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Akon stopped by Freetown April 28th and as you can see from the video, the fans went…. I actually lacked words to describe this scene to be honest. The person speaking through out the video in the very distinctive American accent is another character. At the 28sec mark, did he really tell the driver "Run his ass over then!?????! and I still don't understand what he meant with his last comment about supposed "niggers" in the States not being real or something to that effect. Whatever the case, Sierraleon is definitely holding it down for Akon and the love for him is real and the prove is in the video. 

Akon thrilled Sierra Leoneans with a wonderful performance at the National Stadium on a sunny Wednesday 28th April 2010.

The much anticipated show finally took place after the concert, originally scheduled for Sierra Leone’s 49th Independence Day, was cancelled the previous night due to heavy down pour. Fans, who had thronged the stadium, waited in anticipation that the weather might change but the rains kept on pouring past midnight.

Akon had to go on air assuring Sierra Leoneans that he would perform the next day at 2pm prompt. And by mid-day Sierra Leoneans were already trooping to the stadium.

When Akon took the stage he called on the crowd to come on the pitch and allowed people to come in free. He performed ‘Put the blame on me’ as an apology to Sierra Leoneans for the cancelling of the gig the previous night. For the next one hour and more he went on to perform other songs including ‘Don’t matter’, ‘Locked up’, ‘I wanna f*** u’, ‘Mama Africa’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Ghetto’ and ‘Snitch’.

Akon took off his white T-shirt, swung it in the air and threw it into the crowd. Seconds later the t-shirt was in pieces as the crowd fight to get a share of it.

A scene at the National Stadium in Freetown April 28th

Mid way through his performance Akon allowed Sierra Leonean artists to do their bits. His performance with Sierra Leonean US based rapper LAJ of ‘Money na bank’ fame sent the crowd buzzing with excitement.

Self-acclaimed Freetown’s King of Hip-Hop, Kao Denero, also joined Akon on stage.

Other local artists that graced the stage included Daddy Saj, Canadaian based Dija,  Noble Squad, Innocent, Lady Felicia and Vida.
TBS award winning MC Masta B2tex, ABK of Kalleone Radio, Field Marshall Huzo Rex, Mega Rap Ciza and DJ Egerton Shabba cruise control the show.

Earlier Akon reportedly met with His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma and wife at State Lodge, Hill Station. Akon said he’s heard good things about President Koroma from his Senegalese counterpart Abdoullaye Wade. He assured President Koroma that he would do whatever he could to help promote Sierra Leone’s image abroad.

Similar visit was also paid to the ‘Godfather’ of AWOL (All Works of Life development association) Mr. Moseray Fadika, who played a crucial role to ensure Akon travels with ease to Freetown.

Akon left the West African country by 6pm after his performance.


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