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A Single Woman’s Journal – My Corn Field May 5, 2010

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One Saturday afternoon while taking a bath, I looked out of my window, as I always do. (Most times I just stare at the green field right next to our house… into nothing really… deep in thought about EVERYTHING; about my life). However, on this day, something was different. I noticed this little woman with her 3 year old baby (I hope I’m right since I have difficulty guessing how old children really are). She was planting corn (as I later discovered).

She had the works – one hoe, one cutlass, one rake, one basket… she seemed to have one of everything required. As she planted, her little girl would cry and she’d abandon what she was doing and run towards her, under the tree where she had kept her. She’ll pick the girl up to pacify her, sit her down, give her something to play with and continue with her planting. I was really touched by this. I vowed that I would buy all her corn when she harvests them.

I said to myself that I would pay double whatever price she demanded from me. I felt the need to compensate her for this labour of love. Something told me that she was planting (on government property) to make ends meet so that her child can have all that she needs to live a decent life. Again, I marvelled at the strength of women! As I bathed everyday, I watched the corn grow. This was very exciting for me. I saw the shoots grow bigger and taller everyday until there was corn everywhere.

This motivated me to hold on to my resolve to buy her out. Unfortunately, I never saw her again. She never came back to harvest her corn. I had watched them grow and now, I had to watch them die. The corn field withered day by day and there I was wondering to myself, “Where is she”? “Did something happen to her”? “Has she moved elsewhere”? “Why didn’t she come back to harvest them – maybe she would have, if she knew what I had in store for her”?

Now, I know my questions will never be answered. Everyday, as I monitored the growth and subsequent withering of “my” corn field, I likened it to my life. I was conceived, then born, was a cute little baby, a girl and now, a little lady… and I still continue to grow everyday till one day when I’m old and grey and then… This is life and it really got me thinking about my own life and what should be done with it. I was reminded that it only spans for a time. I then resolved to be good, everyday. To make someone happy, everyday. To make God happy, everyday. To love my family, everyday. To live life to the fullest, everyday.

Everyday… till I’m done. So help me God.


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