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Shakira Remixes Zangalewa’s “Waka Waka” for World Cup: Hit or Miss? May 3, 2010

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I heard there was a an unofficial World Cup song floating around called "Waka Waka" by Shakira but never bothered checking. There have been quite a few so I was just waiting for FIFA to pick the official one. However, a South African friend of mine forwarded me an article in which the South Africans weren't too happy about Shakira's unofficial World Cup song and come to fined out, it was a remix to Zangalewa's "Waka Waka" hit. So you know the Cameroonian in me had to listen!!

At first listen, many things came to mind
1) I hope Zangalewa gets their compensation for this.
2) Does she know what she is singing about?
3) I'm happy she is repping the home of the lions but why not rep SA, maybe a remix of one of Brenda Fassie's electric hits ( to show love for SA)
4) I grew up on Zangalewa but I have mixed feelings about the remix (I am trying to be into it but not really feeling it) even though I like Shakira no one does it better than Zangalewa.
5) Why is the opening ceremony musical line up looking like A Live Aid concert. Even Bono has jumped on the World Cup theme song band wagon.
6) Alicia Keys, John Legend, Black Eye Peas (ok I like the Black eyed peas but I hope the other two leave their pianos behind, African drums should be in order lol)
7) Where are the young African Hit makers in the line up? 

8) We all know after the publicity of the opening ceremony some of these musicians would be no where in sight.

9) Is there a World Cup in which Shakira does not make a world cup song?

10) I hope K'NAAN get his shine because Waving flag is very nice song.

11) "Everywhere U Go" really displays a collaborative effort involving African artist that others can emulate.

Ok let me stop but here it is for those who haven't heard it. What do you think? Hit or Miss?

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Shakira's soccer anthem doesn't impress some

JOHANNESBURG: Pop star Shakira's official World Cup anthem "Waka Waka" has received an unofficial "no, no" from South Africans.

The song, which is in collaboration with South African band Freshlyground, was released to radio stations last week but has not hit the right note with football fans in the host country."It's horrible," local fan Lindi Munonde said. "I'm not standing for it. I mean what is our president doing about it?" "Waka Waka – Time for Africa" takes its inspiration from Cameroonian music, but South Africans aren't convinced Colombian singer Shakira is the right person to represent Africa's first World Cup.

"Really, I mean, how is Shakira going to sing the African part of it?" said Nomaswazi Thomo, another local fan from Johannesburg.The "Whenever, Wherever" star is to travel to South Africa to sing the new anthem, alongside Freshlyground, before the July 11 World Cup final at the 94,000-seat Soccer City stadium near Soweto.The 33-year-old Shakira is one of a string of international artists also performing at FIFA's June 10 Kickoff concert to mark the start of the tournament.

The Kickoff lineup, which includes American artists Alicia Keys and Black Eyed Peas, was criticized in South Africa, where locals felt their own musicians had been sidelined.World Cup organizers have now agreed to add more local artists.Radio stations in South Africa say there has also been a strong reaction to the Waka Waka song."I love it that South Africans are just coming together as South Africans and saying, 'We've got our own people and it's an African World Cup. It's ours,"' 702 Talk Radio presenter Jenny Cryws-Williams said. "We are going to put on a fantastic World Cup. Why don't we have South Africans doing it for us?"


22 Responses to “Shakira Remixes Zangalewa’s “Waka Waka” for World Cup: Hit or Miss?”

  1. Marcos Says:

    Hollywood? Shakira is from Colombia, a Spanish-speaking country, where they do call it futbol.

  2. Blessing Bobo Says:

    this world cup is not for SOUTH AFRICA it is for africa n’ i repeat its for Africa so the AFRICANS shine Zangalewa is our african song wether it was done by Shakira or who ever doesnt mean anything we comiming together with our African American familys and showing other continents that we are more and better than what they think of us VIVA MAMA AFRICA

  3. mardie Says:

    Finally, someone who has an opinion that involves the rest of the world’s view of the song. I was shocked to hear that South Americans and Europeans grew up listening to it, so it makes sense that Shakira would pick a song that many nations know. I would have liked for her to use something by Brenda Fassie, but Shakira is an international artist, playing to an international audience. She’s bringing an African song to a new generation of people. Lets at least admit that and thank her for it, before we start screaming all the downsides.

  4. Banga don ripe Says:

    break not bread sorry for the typo.

  5. Banga don ripe Says:

    I get your point. But here is the deal, this is a once in a life time opportunity for Africa. The South African band could have come up with something very original that knocked our sock off. Shakira is fine but she has done another world cup song before. She is becoming the poster child of world cup songs. To be honest, I thought K’naan’s song would be the theme but come to find out, it is cocacola’s theme song. The lyrics of the song starts with ” “You’re a good soldier….” Really??? Instead of siezing this opportunity for a message of peace, they use soldiers who torment us on the continent everyday to be the symbol of our struggles…give me a bread. The South African band lacks originality. This was their opportunity to shine and they dropped the ball.

  6. Joni Says:

    The remix is not half bad. Actually I give credit to Shakira for trying. What most of us don’t realize is that somehow that song also became pretty popular in Europe and latin America- hence Shakira knew it BEFORE the world cup came up.
    Secondly, the other artists in the lineup are NOT even TRYING to do anything african- John Legend, Alicia Keys, Black-Eyed Peas- where’s their tribute to Africa? Oh, I know they’re all african-at-heart, but this is the time to show the influence Africa has had on their music. They’re not even trying to get out of their norm- why should we instead blast SHAKIRA who is collaborating with a local South African band and singing a Cameroonian song?
    Alicia Keys, John Legend, Black-Eyed Peas- they’re probably all flying their own band in from the U.S., and playing their own music with no Africanism-remix (as though this is their concert!).

  7. Tata Says:

    LOL! It’s time for Africa but u not gonna sing for us though. South Africans are weak for sitting by and letting this ish happen. I love Zangalewa but seriously, this is the worst FIFA song till date!!

  8. ChrysKmer Says:

    I have already read an article about this subject. Maybe an opportunity for “Golden Sounds” to be turned the spotlight on them and grab at the chance to have an international recognition more than 20 years after.

  9. Christine Nama Says:

    The fact that there needs to be an uproar for Africans to be represented in the musical line up is sad to begin with.

  10. aly_g1@hotmail.com Says:


  11. aly_g1@hotmail.com Says:

    I grew up in Cameroun singing this song and DID NOT like Shakira’s rendition of the song. Does Hollywood and popular North American culture have to be everywhere? I mean, they don’t even call it futball (football) like the rest of the world does! It’s time to see some stellar African singers and performers hitting the world stage! It’s their time to shine!!!

  12. Na so e dey. Says:

    I guess Alicia keys is going to remix empire state of the mind again for the world cup.
    “Africaaaaaa Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, ……..” hehe
    Foreal, Alicia and John Legend are gonna come bore us with their piano acrobatics.

  13. Tiko drink Kumba drunk Says:

    LMAO! If it were Nigerians hosting this cup, this BS won’t be happening. They would have had Tu-Face, P-square, the Kutis etc repping Africa to the fullest. But South Africans are letting this happen so y bother. Kamer will be on full force with this song lol

  14. kamerun makassi Says:

    No offence or hard feelings to any fans, though I wonder if Shakira and the FIFA bought intellectual property rights from the Zangalewa group members or their producer?or did they just go ahead and take this Cameroon artists for granted as have Michael jackson,Akon and Rihanna done to the Grand Manu Dibango’s soul makossa music with no copyright authorisation from the authour or producer of this artistic work.this issue of piracy needs to be addressed before we go jubilating that our dear Zangalewa was remixed by someone for something!
    and if she does has the right to copyright this classic masterpiece,all i can say to her is “thank you Shakira and do many more legal remixes to rejuvenate our lost musics.”

  15. Chie Chi Says:

    WAKA WAKA it’s time for Africa So let the AFRICANS SING IT, DAMN IT!

  16. Chie Chi Says:

    WAKA WAKA it’s time for Africa So let the AFRICANS SING IT, DAMN IT!

  17. LIONKING Says:

    Why do you all believe this is a GOLDEN SOUND aka ZANGALEWA’s SONG?
    This is a medley of POPULAR songs my Generation grew up with in Ngaoundere Before the National Army picked them to train troops in the morning. Then came the ‘Modern Version’ remixed in the Hit song ‘ZANGALEWA’ released by STEPHANE DOOH and his band ‘THE GOLDEN SOUND’ featuring ZE BELLA, EMILE KOJEDJI, DICKS JERRY,ANNIE ANZOUER AND VIVIANE ETIENNE… THESE LAST TWO LADIES ARE STILL BIG STARS IN CAMEROON…

  18. tazmeblack@yahoo.com Says:

    I think is song is song but at the same time I understand ur point. why don’t we have african musicians opening the world cup? it is in Africa not America….

  19. Popo Says:

    Love Shakira but hate the remix, if u want Zangalewa go get them and stop poisoning our ears with this. This is a classic u just don’t mess with. Alicia Keys, John legend??? Is someone going to start a petition or what. This is not Live Aid we are talking about. Only foreign artist who perform in Africa during their regular tour schedule (not during special events like live aid) should be allowed to perform. Those are artist who show a general interest in our continent when the spotlight is not on them.

  20. cequejaiadire Says:

    listen, lets not be shy about it, lets say it like we mean it. SHE SHOULD NOT sing this, WE(africans) SHOULD. (Period)

  21. cequejaiadire Says:

    That’s right! Although i love the beat of the remix and sort of like Shakira, we should take this opportunity to STAND AS ONE CONTINENT or even as one country (like most foreigners think we are). When will be the next time the WORLD CUP gets held in Africa?????? we don’t know that. This should be about US, about our culture, our wealth, our pride and our love for our precious land. besides our heritage has already been baffled aside( unfortunatly, we are somewhat guilty too) because of occidental influence. Africans traditions are now only struggling to survive in the middle of all the (fake reality) hollywoodian and occidental influences. Thank you to the South africans for standing out for all of us and saying it out loud. And as far as I’m concerned, if they really want to honor Africa, they should have the real memberf of the band (for those that are still alive) and some other AFRICANS SINGERS sing the remix of this song. That will show some true Africans unity.Plus it’s about time that Cameroon gets recognized on the international plan for something positiv like its music, rather than being shadowed by someone else(no offense Shakira). That’s right!!

  22. Samuel Titia Says:

    Hmmmp I no know weti for think. Her voice and the song are way off to me.
    I kind of understand where South Africans are coming from. They give u a world cup to host with outsiders taking the lead. Na Africa for u that. And we go di siddon like say everything be alright when burning heart go di kill we.

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