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Condoms: It’s how you wear it that counts! April 26, 2010

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So you thought there were only but a few ways to wear a condom? Think again! 

Condoms galore: Models strut their stuff in latex.


Recently, attendees of the AIDS Consortium Gala Dinner, held in Johannesburg, were treated to a fashion show featuring garments that were either decorated with, or completely created from condoms!  

The crowd was simply enthralled by the imagination and attention to detail paid in creating the colourful designs. 

You might think that using all those condoms to make clothes with a seriously short shelf-life is a waste. But when you think about it, maybe that’s the only way to ensure that condoms are actually used.  

Excuse the cynicism in that comment but from the information I have been gathering about condom use among casual sexual partners, it would seem justified.  

This weekend, I went around Johannesburg asking folk about their perceptions of condoms and HIV. 

Lady in red: One of the night's show-stoppers…


I admit my sample was very small, but here’s what a few people had to say:  

“I don’t use condoms because they are the very cause of HIV, particularly those government condoms you get for free. The HIV is actually in those condoms because the white man wants to kill us.” 

                                                                   Pierre (mid-20s) from Congo  

“Hey, after a while, I just forget about it (using condoms). I only get scared of HIV and stuff when I see it on TV, but otherwise, it’s not so big a deal to me.” 

                                                                                      Katlego (27)  

I won’t go into the rest of the comments because they are pretty similar. It would seem more people than we realise aren’t getting tested for HIV and aren’t using condoms. Maybe I am making a gross generalisation here, which is why I want to know what you think.  

Your comments are most welcome!


One Response to “Condoms: It’s how you wear it that counts!”

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