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Govt Should Ban Condoms Or Tax Them High -Chief AS Ngwana, Moralist and National Chairman, CDP April 22, 2010

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Chief Ngwana, you are Chairman of the Cardinal Democratic Party (CDP). Of late, you have been giving anti-condom and abortion public lectures here and there. You started in Douala, moved to Buea and then Limb. What do you gain doing this?

I would be happy to know that the general public is fully conscious of certain sensitive and important issues affecting their lives.

Chief A. S. Ngwana

I want the public to know that the anti-condom and abortion campaign is a national issue, not of a political party. I want all Cameroonians to understand that condoms and abortions are against our economic interest, our national interest, against our spiritual interest.

Let me tell you, condoms were manufactured to prevent pregnancy. People tell lies that condoms stop HIV spread. The HIV virus is such a tiny thing compared to human sperm. And they-promoters of condoms- tell lies that, the virus can’t go through the condom. Condoms spread AIDS. This has been proven. This should be made known to everybody. Knowledge is power.

So what have condoms done? They have stopped our population from growing and they are transmitting The HIV virus. That is why young people are dying in their thousands. It is a pity that the government is doing nothing about it. Instead the government allows for the advertising of condom on TV and radio.

I strongly call on parents to educate their children on the deadly effects of condoms and of their spiritual disaster.

The surest way to control the spread of HIV/AIDS is ABSTINANCE before marriage and FIDELITY after marriage. The Cameroon government and other African governments should ban or strictly control its distribution.  Should they find it difficult to ban them, then they should impose a 500% duty on condoms. The more condoms we import the higher the rate of HIV/AIDS infection. Even the HIV/AIDS rate has increased in Cameroon with the supply of more condoms.

What do you think the Government gains promoting the use of Condoms? 
It gains nothing meaningful .These international organizations tell government that if you don’t control the growth of the population you can’t have soft loans. So, most of these African countries that are poor accept to reduce their populations in exchange of loans.

The bad thing is that these condom manufacturers are corrupting African governments and doctors to deceive their citizens that condoms stop the spread of the HIV Virus. Countries such as Uganga that have stopped importing condoms have had their HIV prevalence rate greatly reduced. And Cameroon which still imports condoms has its rate growing. Cameroon should know that the more condoms you buy the more AIDS you will get.

Now what is worse is that the condoms are being distributed without charge. If these people think they want to help us, why not give us malaria drugs for free. We should ask ourselves why they are giving us condoms for free. What is their interest? Their interest is that you should die; that your population should not grow so that they will continue to exploit our natural resources, with little or no resistance.

The literacy rate in Cameroon is above 65%, why do you think so many Cameroonians fail to understand the hidden truth about condoms?

To have sex is one of the strongest urges in human beings. People like sex as part of their nature. But if you want to have sex, get married. People would tend to protest if they are told not to do something which the human nature likes. We must understand that not everything you like is necessarily good for you. The public must be very careful in making choices.

There are over 200 political party leaders. They seem not to be joining you in this fight. Is this the case?

From the look of things, it seems political party leaders are disappointed with the Biya regime, the system in place and are now withdrawn. They appear to be completely unhappy and don’t want to do anything again. But as leaders they must not give, but continue to promote what is not only legally, but morally right for the citizens.

The Issue of condoms and abortion is a very sensitive one. I expect the press, women, and men etc to fight against its use and promotion.

Ever since you started going round preaching on the Evils of Condom and Abortion, have you been confronted by the government?

No. The government can’t confront me. They know that I am talking and presenting the facts.  Prior to the public talks, I make sure I respect the law, by formally informing the Administration of my intention. I even invite some government officials, even they don’t turn up. It is rather unfortunate that the government does not want to talk about the hidden truth of the condoms.

We want our population to grow. If it does not, we shall remain poor. I have always said that if you don’t have people you can’t develop.

That is why I am fighting on the economic side of it, Cardinal Tumi and the church on the Christian and spiritual side. Abortion stops population growth and therefore makes people poor.
Do you have any appeal to make to parents?

I am appealing to parents to tell their children that if they want to live and bury them, they should not use condoms; they should not accept abortion and they should exercise self-control. Young unmarried people should abstain from sex; married couples should be faithful to each other. Condoms are not a solution to HIV/AIDS.


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