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Sex Workers to Boycott Labour Day April 16, 2010

Filed under: Culture,Women's Issues — kikenileda @ 3:10 PM

The decision aims to counter the Wouri Senior Divisional Officer decision to ban prostitution in the city.

A band of sex workers commonly called « liberal sisters » last Monday convened an extraordinary general assembly at the Njogmabi neighbourhood in Douala to retaliate the recent administrative decision which interdicts prostitution at the Bonanjo residential area. In their final communiqué, the “liberal sisters”, made up of school dropouts, widows and outlaws, stated emphatically that their activity has not only helped reduce the rate of unemployment, poverty and crime among women, but has also contributed immensely in tourism development, given that they play an indispensable role to host and guide many visitors.

Also, most striking in the five-item resolution was the freewomen’s resolve to provoke a regional sit-in strike, beginning May 1st, if one of theirs’ is either arrested or molested by the police. To them, the impact of their action would be more effective on May 1st, the International Labour Day, wherefore many men traditionally roundup the festive hours in taverns. In her 2009 retrospect, the head of the disciplinary committee dwelled on the fragrant abuse of legal codes and none-respect of professional ethics by some unscrupulous members of the association.

The speaker frowned at the fact that bandits and murderers now regularly connive with sex workers to carryout deadly operations, and that law enforcement officers frequently co-opt the “liberal sisters” to investigate and track down suspected clients.


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