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Christians Told to Lead New Lives April 5, 2010

Filed under: Religion — kikenileda @ 10:59 AM

 Rev. Henry Fomouso called on Christians to spread the news about the resurrection of Christ to the world. 

Christians in Cameroon joined the world to celebrate Easter Sunday yesterday. The day they believed Jesus Christ rose from the dead. The day was marked by prayers and church services in nearly all the Christian churches. At the PCC Bastos church in the Nkoleton neighbourhood, Christians thronged the church building and its premises to celebrate the resurrection of Christ in a solemn church service. In his sermon, the parish pastor of the PCC Bastos congregation, Rev. Henry Fomouso called on Christians to spread the news about the resurrection of Christ just as the disciples of Jesus Christ did when Jesus resurrected from the dead. “Christ is risen. He is risen indeed is the best news ever,” he said. 

Rev. Fomouso explained that the news about Christ’s resurrection brings new life. Drawing from the book of Colossians, he said if Christians are risen with Christ they should seek for the things of God. “If you are risen with Christ you will set your desires for the things above and not for the things of the earth,” he said. He said God’s purpose goes beyond the things of the world and so Christians should go look for God’s propose for life. “Our lives should be such that we should target perfection,” he said. The sacraments of Baptism and confirmation were also administered to some Christians while others were admitted into the church from other religions.


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