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Central Africa troops kill 10 rebels April 5, 2010

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Central afri

BANGUI (AFP) – Troops in the Central African Republic killed 10 rebels last week in a clash in the northeastern region of Ndele, where a civilian also died in the violence, an officer said on Monday.

The fighting took place last Friday. The previous casualty toll was three dead among the rebels, who "used a teachers' protest march to launch an attack which was just as soon put down by the armed forces," according to an army source at the time.

"The latest toll from the attack fought off by our men on Friday was 10 dead among the assailants, including the chief who went by the nickname 'General', and an elderly woman who probably died of a heart attack," an officer at the Operations Command Centre in Bangui said on Monday.

The rebels were members of the Convention of Patriots for Justice and Peace (CPJP), which, unlike other rebel movements in the poor, landlocked country, has not signed up to a national peace process or entered talks.

The teachers were protesting the murder of a pregnant teacher killed on March 30 by CPJP rebels



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