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Hospital Director Says Kumba Needs Specialists March 25, 2010

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The new Director of the Kumba District Hospital, Dr Paul Ayuk Arrey, has disclosed that the hospital is in need of specialist doctors. Dr. Ayuk Arrey was speaking to the press in his Kumba office after his recent appointment at the helm of the hospital. He replaces Dr Ojong Arrey, who has been called to other duties. The Hospital Director said, as a radiologist, he shall develop the services in Meme.

Dr Paul Ayuk Arrey

He, however, regretted that the instruments he deals with such as the scanner, X-ray, echography and magnetic resonant are not available in Kumba because it entails lots of investment. The doctor expressed hope that as the hospital expands in services; government will invest in this domain to assist the Meme population. Dr Arrey disclosed that the hospital needs a specialist paediatrician, a surgeon and a doctor of internal medicine.

Dr Arrey, 52, was trained in CUSS, Yaounde, and in Tour, France. He worked as a general practitioner in the Bamenda Provincial Hospital and as Divisional Chief of Preventive Medicine, Wum, Menchum Division. He worked in the Douala General Hospital before his appointment to Kumba. He is married and father of five.He said these specialists would help the hospital meet up with the growing demand of the population.The radiologist disclosed that since he took over office, he has encouraged doctors and nurses to come early to work in order to fight laxity. He also said he has told his staff to follow their code of ethics and not receive bribe from patients. He called on the Kumba population to make the District hospital their best choice, as it has updated services and qualified staff. 


2 Responses to “Hospital Director Says Kumba Needs Specialists”

  1. meyopauline@yahoo.fr Says:

    Cher Docteur
    Merci de nous avoir fourni quelques renseignements sur le dernier poste du Dr Odjong Arrey à Kumba. Cependant, pourriez vous nous fournir son contact exact afin que nous nous puissions rentrer en contact avec lui ?
    Vous remerciant par avance, reçevez Cher Docteur, nos plus respectueuses salutations

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Contente de retrouver la trace du Dr Arrey ODJONG dont nous avons perdu la trace depuis 1987. Pouvez vous lui transmettre mon contact ? MEYO chantal. 00 33 6 25473434. meyopauline@yahoo.fr

    Vous remerciant par avance.

    Salutations distinguées

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