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Woman Stabbed after Heroic Fight March 24, 2010

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Sandrine was acclaimed Tyson of New Bell after she ruffled a man who stealthily claimed the sum of FCFA 50,000 from her. 

The 49 year old woman was, last Sunday, grisly stabbed on the breast by a youngster who passes for a leasing agent at the New Bell neighbourhood in Douala. The culprit, who purportedly helped secure a living apartment for the victim, Ayoum Sandrine, was demanding a fee of FCFA 50,000, an amount Sandrine claimed did not constitute the terms of their agreement. She acknowledged an agreed amount of FCFA 10,000 which she prepaid.

 For the past two weeks, Didier, the culprit, had reportedly spent restless hours at the doorsteps of Sandrine, who took a trip to Bafoussam. Didier had also imposed sleepless nights on Sandrine with relentless telephone beeps. But the woman is said to have remained adamant to the ceaseless phone signals, an attitude which churned the bile of the youngster, who has entirely lost the shape of his mouth due to regular arguments and disagreements with unyielding clients. It is also said Didier’s open-ended plastic shoes have chopped almost half of his nails due to excessively long distance trekking in search of vacant room across the city. Neighbours also revealed that Didier hacks chunks of dead cells from the soul of his feet, whenever he returns from his daily ventures. 

The youngster uncontrollably lost his temper as soon as he eyed Sandrine, Sunday afternoon. He had made more than 12 trips to her door before noon. No sooner did Sandrine, who had just returned from a four day journey, threw her door open did the guy dive on the heaps of her waist, showered countless blows upon her buttocks and strove to untangle her hairdo. But Sandrine was not an ordinary woman. She stoically gripped Didier by his man pike, ruffled the guy across her rugged courtyard and dashed him upon the floor. Didier squeaked, braced his knees and struggled to spring up. But Sandrine had thrown her horrendous weight upon him. Onlookers stepped in. Didier willowed like a grasshopper, staggered to his feet, whisked a screw driver from his waist pocket, and drove it into the nipple of her opponent. The woman squealed and charged and darted like sodium, gunning for a kill. But Didier had pierced through the crowd, and thinned off.


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