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Lake Nyos : Two Years for Survivors to Return to Ancestral Land March 24, 2010

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Visiting MINATD took message of hope and encouragement to survivors in Wum, Kumfutu and Nyos. 

«Disasters are a combination of accidents and vulnerabilities and we will accelerate degassing work while strengthening the lake Nyos dam in 2010. We are working within the limits of human nature and hopeful that 2010 prevention activities will progress to make the lake area safe and secure for habitation so that survivors can return to their ancestral land in about two years”. That was the message that the visiting Minister of State in charge of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Marafa Hamidou Yaya took to the population of the disaster area on March 22,2010. In effect, 24 years after the killer lake took the lives of 1.800 people the 3rd pilot Steering Committee of the lake Nyos programme emerged with decisions that comfort and reassure survivors. 

The Minister of State, Marafa Hamidou Yaya was in the chair in Wum when the Director of Civil Protection, Dr. Nana Jean Pierre revealed that the Prime Minister, Head of Government had instructed that the government’s share of funds for two more degassing pipes be made available to ensure that they are planted in the lake waters before 2010 runs out. The Minister of State also confirmed that the lake’s dam will be reinforced while socio-economic reintegration measures are accelerated. He acknowledged delays in the implementation of the secularization and socio-economic reintegration of survivors while the Director of the Institute of Geology and Mining Research, Dr. Hell Joseph Victor revealed that away from the killer lake Nyos, its dam and neighbouring lakes do not pose any immediate threats. 

In the short an long of it, the safety of the lake Nyos area is a prerequisite for survivors to return to their land of origin and the Minister of State saluted the commitment and financial support of the U.N.D.P and the European Union for the disaster relief Organizational plan and the program for the secularization and socio-economic reintegration of the survivors. The Resident Representative of the U.N.D.P, Thierry Mertens who doubles as the Coordinator of the U.N Systems in Cameroon committed to be steadfast by the government of Cameroon for lasting solutions with responses that minimize the dimensions of future disasters. The visiting inter ministerial team had a rare moment to watch a simulation exercise by real actors on how to handle or manage disasters. The Minister of State and the International partners traveled to Menchum division with much in working tools and gifts for survivors, First Aiders in all the seven resettlement camps and the crises and catastrophe management committee. Among the lot were gifts worth cfa 3.5 million, 30 gas masks, 30 First Aid Kids, 60 gas filters, 30 rain boats, 15 wheel barrows, cutlasses, rain coats, spades, zink and school needs. The Minister of State later visited the Kumfutu Survivors camp and went sizing up the situation on-the –spot in the killer lake Nyos. Dr. Vincent Tanya sat in for the Minister of Scientific and Research and Innovations during the events in Menchum.


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