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HIV/AIDS : Pregnant Women Encouraged To Undergo Screening March 23, 2010

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The encouragement was made at the Cité des Palmiers District Hospital. 

Pregnant women and their partners have been encouraged to carryout an HIV/AIDS free screening test which is going on in Douala. The free screening which started on March 22, 2010, will end on March 28. During a press conference given by Dr Ida Peuda, it was made public that the percentage of pregnant women with HIV/AIDS is on the rise and it is about seven percent. This statistics were also confirmed by the Regional Delegate of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, Emiliene Elong who said innocent babies are dying and are condemned to suffer effects of which they are innocent and the constant increase causes worries. During the campaign to prevent the virus which took place at the District hospital in Cité des Palmiers, a sketch was organised which sought to bring women to understand that even if they are HIV/AIDS positive, they can bring forth babies who will be HIV/AIDS negative. 

The delegate, in her remarks cautioned women to sterilise instruments they use in the saloons and men in the barbing saloons. She added that they should bring along their husbands when doing the test to be very sure of their status. The delegate also advised that it is advantageous to do the test before pregnancy. She called on partners to maintain their health by living positive sexual lives. The campaign which is carried out with the theme: Doing the test prevents mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS is organised by the delegations of Health, Women Empowerment and the Family, in collaboration with UNICEF. 

Also speaking during the occasion, the representative of the government said the State is making efforts to take care of HIV/AIDS patients. This virus, he said, affects man physically and psychologically and that is the reason why it should be bared. He said the best means to protect ones’ self is to get tested. For the one week that the free screening will take place, screening will be going on at Notre Dame Catholic Church Logpom, two centres in Bonamoussadi and at the Cité des Palmiers district hospital.


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