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Bonamoussadi : Road side Vendors Chased March 18, 2010

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Road side

The government delegate and his workers demolished roadside stores used by traders. 

The Government Delegate to the Douala City Council, CUD, Fritz Ntone Ntone has chased out road side traders from the Bonamoussadi market. The traders had left the market space and were selling by the road making passage difficult for people, vehicles and motor bikes. The action comes after several warnings to the traders to leave the road side and get into the market. One week before the action was taken; a banner was placed around the area asking them to leave the road side.

 On the wee hours of the 15th March, while the traders were still asleep, the Government Delegate and his worker, with protection from forces of Law and Order went out and took away all tables and stalls and liberated the road side. At down when the traders came to the market they were surprised at the site. Some of them could not find their tables and they could not act violently either because of the presence of the forces of Law and Order. 

When CT got to the scene, the road side had been swept and the place looked neat. Most of the traders were frustrated because they did not know where to turn to. They had no place to sell their goods; they could not find their tables either. One lady lamenting brandished a card from CUD which she said was given to her because everyday she pays FCFA 1000, as tax for occupying space by the roadside. “But today we have been thrown out like dogs, where do we go to?” the traders complained. The market was too congested and there wasn’t enough space for everybody. 

Visiting the market there was an area which was completely empty though there were stalls there. Some were shops numbered by the CUD. But one of the traders said those shops and stalls though they were still empty there are people who have paid for them and the moment the people who have been driven from the road side will go to occupy them, the owners will turn up. The traders said they are stranded for now but still waiting for a place where the government delegate will give to them to sell their produces.


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