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Somalia: 20 killed in clash over water, land March 16, 2010

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Clashes between two clans in central Somalia have killed at least 20 people and wounded dozens others in Mudug region of central Somalia, witnesses said on Monday.

Somalia fighters_Mohammed Odowa

The two brotherhood clans have been battling over land and water in recent weeks in Mudug and the latest fight happened in a village some 110 km northeast of Dhusamareeb, regional capital of Galgadud.

Osman Ali a resident in Dhusomareeb told AfricaNews by phone that the latest clash which erupted late on Saturday killed at least 20 people. “Those dead are most of the fighters from two clans.” He added that 13 fighters were also wounded in the battle. 

AFP quoted a Hawiye elder as saying "The heaviest fighting occurred near Jildhere village and there are bodies still strewn in the streets and forests close to the village."

Mogadishu based Elman peace and Human rights also confirmed that more than 10 people were killed in the fighting. "The two clans fought inhumanely using knives and guns," the rights group said. 

The fighting in Somalia has killed over 19,000 Somalis since 2007 and displaced another 1.5 million. Somalia is one of the world's worst humanitarian emergencies.


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