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Madagascar: It’s D-day for sanctions March 16, 2010

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Malagasy leader Andry Rajoelina risks getting his Island state into sanctions if he fails to implement a power sharing deal before March 17, 2010. The African Union and regional group, SADC have refused to recognise Rajoelina's administration which they have labelled 'illegitimate.'

Andry Rajoelina

If Rajoelina does not implement a power-sharing deal by March 17 then the AU will impose sanction on the Island, whose economy has been dwindling since the unrest that led to a bloodless coup in which Rajoelina ousted then President Marc Ravalomanana.

The United States and European Union have also threatened to move from the current suspension of aid and impose concrete sanctions on Madagascar.

Rajoelina has participated in several international mediation processes that aimed at ending the Great Island's unconstitutional rule since his 2008 coup. 

AU mediators have insisted on a power-sharing deal that would include the participation of former presidents Marc Ravalomanana and Didier Ratsiraka, leading towards democratic elections. 

But Rajoelina has refused to implement the agreed power-sharing process. Instead, he plans to organise elections that already have been termed unconstitutional by mediators and will be boycotted by the opposition. 

The AU has made it clear it will not accept any more stunts by Rajoelina aiming at consolidating his grip on power. In February, he was given a 16 March deadline "to comply with the agreements," including power-sharing. If not, the AU "will impose targeted sanctions on the de facto authorities that are reasons for the continuation of unconstitutional order" on 17 March.


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