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There are mounting threats and insecurity in Cameroon ahead of the 2011 presidential elections. President Paul Biya, already in power for more than 27 years, modified the constitution in 2008 to enable him stand re-election. The threats gathered more steam  when Bertrand Teyou, author of the book Ante code Biya: Inside a country without a head was arrested in Douala, Cameroon’s economic capital as he launched his book early March. Previous launching had earlier come under serious disturbances from government agents and soldiers in 2009. The book was in reaction an ill informed and ill-conceived publication on Cameroon and Cameroonians written by commissioned French man, François Mattei and titled The Biya Code. Teyou was arrested on grounds that he said “if Biya does not leave in 2011, we would do out best”  interpreted by government as a threat to the president’s life and against peace in Cameroon.   The arrest has been widely condemned by liberation movements and proponents of freedom of expression.

 It brings to light the continuous threats facing Cameroonians as countdown to the 2011 presidential election narrows.


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