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Cameroonians salute Didier Drogba March 15, 2010

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How did Cameroonians feel when Ivory Coast's Didier Drogba edged out their country man Samuel Eto'o to become the Glo-CAF 2009 Footballer of the Year? AfricaNews' Walter Nana Wilson got some interesting answers on the streets of Buea:


“Didier performed well at the just ended AFCON 2010 in Angola. Generally, the Ivorian striker has been playing well across the African continent. I am looking at his records and performance in the continent unlike Eto’o and Essien. Drogba has always made sure that he defends the colour of his nation. During the combined qualifiers for the AFCON 2010 in Angola and FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, I did not see the personal input of Eto’o like Drogba did for Ivory Coast. Football is collective efforts but a star like Eto’o should make the difference like Drogba did for the Ivorians,” Paul Alan, Advertising Assistant.

“In 2009, Didier Drogba put a great piece of football artistry. He played well. He deserves the Best African Player Award for 2009. It is not how far his European club performed at the Champions League. It is his individual performance. Didier has been excelling. I am sure he respected the criteria for this award. If it fits him, why not give him? It is OK by me,” Emmanuel Orock Eta, Web Master.

“Frankly speaking, I don’t understand why Didier Drogba won the Best African Player Award for 2009. He was injured during half of the 2009 football season. I think Eto’o had more ingredients to win the Best African Player Trophy; he won the 2009 Champions League with Spanish side; Barça, won the Spanish League and Cup respectively. There are only two players who have scored a goal in separate Champions League Finals, and Eto’o is one of them. I am questioning the entire organisation of the awards by CAF. How come Michael Essien features on the list of nominees when he spent a good part of 2009 nursing injuries? Is somebody being compensated somewhere or is it a sympathy trophy?” Ada Helen Ngoh, Journalist, Cameroon Radio & Television. 

“I think Didier Drogba deserves it. It can’t be one person every other time. I know Cameroonians should be thinking all about Eto’o. If it is only Eto’o, it means that football is not evolving in Africa. If people are putting stress only on Eto’o’s performance in Spain and across Europe, then they are saying that the decision of the African coaches who do the voting is defective. They did their job and Drogba deserves it,” Bouddih Musa Adams.


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