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CAF: No ban lift for Togo March 15, 2010

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Togo should forget about getting their two-tournament Nations Cup ban lifted until they withdraw a court case against the Confederation of African Football, stated Executive Committee member Dr Amos Adamu. He said they stand by their decision despite several appeals for them to reverse it.


He told the media in Accra: “The decision that CAF took we stand by that and we believe that it is in the interest of football in Africa. There are rules and regulations governing the game of football. These rules are known by all federations under CAF.” 

However, he said the continental football governing body could negotiate with the West African nation based on certain terms. 

"We are ready to discuss issues with them on a roundtable but that will depend on their decision to exploit that opportunity.

"There have been several pleas from international organizations including the Africa Union (AU), the Economic Committee of West African States (ECOWAS), the Togolese Minister of Sports as well as Ghana's President John Evans Atta Mills, but the Togolese have not exploited these opportunities." 

Adamu noted: "Until the case is taken out of court, there is no way we could have any form of negotiations because the case is pending before the court. If they insist on battling with us in the courts, then we will have no way option than to take them on there."

He explained the circumstances surrounding the ban. "There are so many ways to kill a rat, but the fact is the rat must be found dead and the circumstances under which Togo withdrew from the competition does not matter".

Meanwhile, Ghana’s Vice President John Mahama reiterated several calls on CAF to reverse the ban on their eastern neighbours during the Glo-CAF 2009 awards. He said though CAF want to follow its rules and regulations it must temper justice with mercy.

“I would like to appeal to CAF to temper justice with mercy. We are Africans and we understand the traumatic experience the Togolese went through. 

“Even though CAF is following its regulations I believe they have a heart of mercy,” he noted.

The continental football governing body banned Togo for withdrawing from the last CAN after rebels attack their team bus on their way to their base in Angola. Three people died in the process.


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