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«La Financière» Assists Women in Prison March 8, 2010

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The donation was part of activities to mark the 25th edition of the International Women’s Day. 

It was an exceptional day at the Kondengui Central Prison in Yaoundé last Friday. The women’s association of the Ministry of Finance known as “La Financière” officially handed over some items to female inmates. The donation was part of activities of the Ministry of Finance to mark the 25th edition of the International Women’s Day. The items included food stuff such as rice, salt, fish and oil. Other household items include soap, buckets, floor rags, toilet rolls and safety towels. The joy on the faces of the female prisoners was enough to tell the level of difficulties they are going through in prison. 

Speaking during the occasion, the President of the group “La Financière”, Laurantine Bihina, said the aim was to comfort female inmates especially those who worked with the Ministry of Finance before. “We are here to show our solidarity and to assist you in your difficulties in prison and to bring you hope as you wait for liberty,” she said. She reminded the female prisoners that they have not been forgotten and that they also have rights like any other woman. For his part, the Representative of the Registrar of the Kondengui Central Prison, Dr Norbert Ndi, said the donation will bring physical and psychological relief to the women who have been deprived of liberty. He used the occasion to thank “La Financière” for the gesture and to ask for more help while wishing all the women a happy feast. 

The items destined for the women were not originally deposited in the women’s cells. However, they were finally taken to the rightful owners after insistence by members of “La Financière”. This called for jubilation by the female inmates who said that was the first time donations were reaching their cells.


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