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WC 2010: Countries to send 2 local police March 5, 2010

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The 32 countries taking part in the MTN sponsored 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa are expected to send at least two police officers to support the security forces of the South African government during the tournament, according to South African embassy officials.

South africa police

The South African High Commissioner to Cameroon and Ambassador to Chad and Central Africa Republic, Martha Ntshadi Tsheole told journalists in Yaounde, Cameroon recently. 

Joined by members of a delegation from South African governmental bodies notably; International Relations and Cooperation, Arts and Culture, the International Marketing Council of South Africa and MTN South Africa, Tsheole said South Africa is taking appropriate measures to guarantee the safety of everyone during the tournament. 

“The issue must be the concern of all,” the diplomat advised, adding that “Countries should keep people of doubtful morality within the confines of their territories in order to make South Africa as safe as possible.”

Members of the South African delegation mentioned that the South African Government is responsible for general security while venue security is the responsibility of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee. 

41, 000 police

AfricaNews reporter learnt the South African Police Service (SAPS) is spending R640 million (US$82,360,825) for the deployment of 41, 000 Police officers for the event. 

The High Commissioner said while Africans would be embracing the opportunity to host the world on their soil, her government and partners are inspiring Africans to showcase their pride of belonging to the continent. 

“South Africa calls upon Cameroonians and the rest of the African to show their pride and commitment to this event by attending the matches, extending the warm hand of hospitality to the world, and helping the continent to show the international community what we are made of,” Tsheole appealed. 

According to her, the task at hand now is to welcome the world with dignity, pride and generosity, which, she highlighted are virtues only the African continent can offer.


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