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Yaounde – Ensuring Sustainable Management of Floods March 3, 2010

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Management of the River Mfoundi floods will benefit form the experience of the Rhone in Lyon, France.

Floods are a common phenomenon in most big towns and cities in Cameroon. Managing this natural disaster was the major preoccupation during a conference dubbed "Mecredis des Grandes Conferences" in the campus of the university of Yaounde 1 last Wednesday. The theme of the conference was "Management of floods in urban areas: From Rhone in Lyon to Mfoundi in Yaounde; what lasting solutions?".

Speaking during the occasion Dr Jean Guy Dzana, gave a brief presentation of the work carried out by the Yaounde Urban Council to control the recent floods in the River Mfoundi. Professor Jean Paul Bravard from the University of Lyon III explained how various actors are mobilising to ensure sustainable management of floods in the Rhône. The conference exposed sustainable management of floods in an environment with a river which is well managed, the causes and also showed how the different changes due to floods have become factors of modification of risks in ancient and recent history.

Dr Dzana said the recent incidents of floods in the city of Yaounde were the subject of reflection in the putting in place of the Rhône Plan by the State in 2006. Different aspects such as the project for the widening of the River Mfoundi as well as the sustainable management of floods were discussed. The causes of the floods in Yaounde according to Dr Dzana, are usually the poor drainage system of the town, lack of civic responsibility on the part of the population who throw dirt in the river and even the absence of strategic polices to protect water courses.


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