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US raises concern over Yar’Adua’s (President of Nigeria) Return February 24, 2010

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 The United States has raised concerns over the return of the President, Umaru Yar'Adua. A statement from the US mission in Abuja, today, warns that the president's return could create chaos in the nation's polity.

The statement, signed by Johnnie Carson, the US Under Secretary of State on African Affairs, says the US government hopes that "President Yar'Adua's return to Nigeria is not an effort by his senior advisors to upset Nigeria's stability and create renewed uncertainty in the democratic process."

The statement also expressed worries about the president's health.

"We hope that his health is sufficient to enable him to fully resume his official duties," Mr Carson said. "Nigeria needs a strong, healthy, and effective leader to ensure the stability of the country and to manage Nigeria's many political, economic, and security challenges."

Mr Carson, who recently visited Nigeria, further said: "recent reports, however, continue to suggest that President Yar'Adua's health remains fragile and that he may still be unable to fulfil the demands of his office. 

"Nigeria is an extraordinarily important country to its friends and partners, and all of those in positions of responsibility should put the health of the President and the best interests of the country and people of Nigeria above personal ambition or gain. As a nation of 150 million people, Nigeria's democracy and its continued adherence to constitutional rule should be the highest priority."


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