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Man Murders Parents February 24, 2010

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It happened in Olamze, a little village in the Ntem Valley Division in the South Region. The hideous crime took place Tuesday 2 February 2010.

Ismael Ebere Elono had a very embarrassing abnormality. He realised he was impotent. After haven kept this secret for a while, Ismael decided to open up; he accused his parents of depriving him of this worldly pleasure.

He claimed his parents' practised witchcraft making his manhood inactive.

The family organised a reconciliation meeting but Ismael Ebere Elono could not be appeased.
The disgruntled son hit the mother with a pestle breaking her arm. He was arrested by the forces of Law and Order.

Ismael Ebere Elono was incarcerated at the Ambam Prison in the Ntem Valley Division.  The allegedly impotent young man vowed to revenge.

He successfully stole himself out of prison and sort refuge in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon for some time.

He later decided to return to their family home in search for his parents whom he had promised death.

On Tuesday 2 February 2010 he made good on his promise, with the aid of a machete he massacred his father and mother in cold blood and vanished into thin air.

A manhunt was organised to capture the fugitive. Ismael Ebere Elono voluntarily surrendered at about 2:00am Wednesday 3 February 2010.

He is expected to face the law and also cope with the inability to get erotic satisfaction he badly needed.


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