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FCFA 17 Million Worth Drugs Destroyed In Buea February 24, 2010

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A consignment of drugs worth over FCFA 17 million have been seized and burnt at the premises of the South West Governor's office in Buea by the Regional Commission for the Fight against Illegal Health Institutions and drugs in the south West.

The drugs seized from illegal peddlers in Buea, Mutengene, Muea and Kumba were destroyed last Friday 12 February 2009, in the presence of the Social and Cultural Affairs Adviser at the South West Governor's office, Edwin Nkenya Ngwana, the Regional Delegate for Public Health, Dr. John Chuwanga, forces of law and order amongst others. Speaking to the press during the destruction exercise, Public Health Delegate said it is dangerous when drugs whether expired or genuine are found in the hands of quacks who are not supposed to dispense them.

Dr. Chuwanga pointed out that all Health institutions in the region have essential drugs but regretted that people prefer roadside drugs, which, he said, are dangerous.

Quizzed why anti-retroviral drugs are also peddled by roadside vendors, which are said to be free in recognised health institutions, the delegate said some are fake while some other vendors have even networks in and out of the country through which they get such drugs.

According to the Social and Cultural Adviser at the South West Governor's office, Edwin Nkenya Ngwana, the commission is acting on instructions of the Minister of Public Health. He said the commission is more ready to intensify raids on illegal health institutions and drugs in the region.

The Governor's adviser promised hell to those who continue to operate these institutions, which, he said, started like a legal cosmetic business and then engaged in illegal sales of drugs.

While advising those in the illegal operation to abandon the practice for there are more black days ahead of them, Ngwana indicated that the fight against poverty must not be through illegal means.

The Social adviser stated that Senior Divisional Officers, SDOs, are members of the commission and are in their respective areas supposed to carry out raids as well as sensitise the population against illicit drugs.

The Commission, he added, has always recorded success each time it descended to the field.


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