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Arise, Cameroon, Arise! February 21, 2010

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Maurice Ambeno   


It is fifty years since La Republique du Cameroun became independent, at least, so to speak, and a good part of forty years since West Cameroon opted to join them. 

Although some apostles of the present regime may be beating their hands on their chests, boasting of the wonderful strides and achievements Cameroon has gone through during this period, especially under the present leadership, it remains a shame that we can still openly accept that we are a "highly indebted poor country", hungry, corrupt with a high rate of unemployment, continuous electricity and water cuts, which rates are comparatively high, paper- created schools with few teachers and inadequate infrastructures, no credible electoral and, and and, and the list of our shortcomings is long.

As God would have it, despite all our shortcomings and failures on the part of government, despite provocations, injustices and the deliberate closure and sealing of employment-providing channels like the Marketing Board and others, the people have played a cool head and opted to remain quiet. 

Some people, knowing the good things of the past and aware of the fact that like China and those with whom we wallowed, drenched in poverty forty years ago are now economic giants to who we frequently turn to for help, saw no hope in the system and opted to pull out of the unification arrangement by force of argument, calling themselves the SCNC. 

Instead of reasoning with these people, and I bet you, they are in the majority in West Cameroon, an arrogant leadership refused to dialogue but rather resorted to torture, arrests and detention which, to me, have not been the right thing to do.

We do not want to see Cameroon broken up into splinters but we expect to be governed in fairness, justice, equality, progress and absolute respect of the constitution. Failing which, there can be no happiness and therefore no true peace, development and progress as expected. 

We will continue to think, play and act politics to our detriment. If the authorities doubt me, let them organise a referendum asking West Cameroonians -South West and North West only – if they wish to return home. Without question, without thinking twice, the verdict will be 99.999% in favour of farewell to La Republic. Is this what those in authority want? Unless they change their approach, their attitude and control their self-assurance, one day, like the Bible would put it, "And it came to pass that……" Well, that's what makes history. 

We are already in 2010 which looked a good distance away forty years ago. And, before we realise, some people, not me, may be lucky to clock another forty years or more. The point is, what do we wish, expect or hope for Cameroon at that time? Naturally, being the patriots we are, all of us will want to see our country move forward. We will want a Cameroon with a good, credible electoral body that can be trusted to deliver the goods. We will expect respective governments to abide to the constitution, plan ahead and implement policies and projects as laid down; clamping down on defaulters without fear or favour.

We must redefine our educational, agricultural and industrial sectors which should occupy the bulk of our budgets; planning ten years ahead each time. It is time to build more solid schools and universities to avoid over-crowding in classes for better teaching and results. We need to modernise and commercialise our farming and agricultural sector; making sure that all funds allocated for each are properly and judiciously accounted for. There is no reason why we cannot have more oil drills in the country. The whole South of the country is floating on oil. We need more than SONARA with two or three refineries. Timber, cocoa, coffee, and many other raw materials should not be exported. We must be able to export finished goods by now. It is now or never. 

Arise, Cameroon, arise!


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