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Hunter Discovers Tourist’s Corpse Two Years After On Mt Cameroon February 19, 2010

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The corpse of an unidentified mountain tourist said to have died two years ago was discovered by a hunter on Mount Cameroon and later brought down to the Bokwaongo neighbourhood in Buea Thursday 4 February 2007.

The corpse which had reached a very advanced stage of decomposition with practically only the bones remaining was found in an obscure valley on the leeward side of the mountain. Despite the supposed long duration of the corpse on the mountain, an ID card with number 1089704 issued in Yaounde with a code CD04 was found on it though with no name due to wear and tear. At the moment the villagers brought down the corpse to Bokwaongo, the DO of Buea, Simon Kwemo, the Buea central Police Commander, Commissioner of Police Masango and some Bakweri chiefs rushed to the seen to feed their eyes. The corpse which would only be identified from the National Identity Card Number was then handed over to the authorities of Buea Council for Burial. 

In a brief press statement, Kwemo warned the population of Buea against the dangers surrounding climbing the mountain without the use of services of experts like ecotourism guides who are readily available at the Ecotourism Board in Buea.

About the period of the 2007 edition of the Mt Cameroon Race of Hope, a tourist was declared missing on the mountain. Thence, futile searches were made, prompting the traditional rulers of Buea Subdivision to decline from pouring any libation during the 2008 Race of Hope as they considered the missing of the tourist a malediction on the land.

Some very high quarters at the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education and the Cameroon Athletics Federation interpreted their abstention from the pouring of libation as greed and ardent desire for fabulous sums of money to first be paid them.


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