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Cameroonian Among African Referees For SA 2010 February 19, 2010

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FIFA has cleared four African referees and eight assistant referees to officiate matches in groups of three during the summer World Cup in South Africa. Among the eight assistant referees is Cameroonian-born Evarist Menkouande.

According to a report posted in cafonline.com, the four groups are:

Mohamed Benouza (Algeria), Nasser Abdel Nadi (Egypt), Maamar Chabane (Algeria).

Koman Coulibaly (Mali), Redouane Achik (Morocco), Manuel Candido( Angola ).


Jerome Damon (South Africa), Celestin Ntagungira (Rwanda), Enoch Molefe (South Africa).

Eddy Allen Maillet (Seychelles), Evarist Menkouande (Cameroon), Bechir Hassani (Tunisia)
The four referees are Malian Koman Coulibaly, Seychellois Eddy Maillet, South African Jerome Damon, and Algerian Mohamed Benouza. All 12 referees are expected to undergo medical tests in Zurich from 22 – 25 February and on 28 February they will fly to Las Palmas in Spain in order to undertake cooper tests. The process will last until 5 March.


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