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Tiko – Bandits Kill Housewife After Stealing FCFA 200.000 February 18, 2010

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Three suspects have been nabbed and are helping the forces of law and order in investigations.

The population of Tiko on Monday 8th February turned out massively at the "New Quarters" residential area weeping over the death of Mrs Odilia Terku, stabbed to death by armed bandits. Late Mrs. Odilia was the wife of a military officer of the Special Amphibious Battalion in Tiko. At the time of her murder, the military officer was on duty waiting to go on a "special assignment" that very night.

When the bandits arrived, broke the door and asked the woman to give them the money her husband brought from the "njangi". Even though Odilia gave them the money after severe threats, they still stabbed her on the leg, chest and head. She suffered severe bleeding and died on the way to the Limbe Regional Hospital. CAMNEWS gathered (at press time) that three suspects have been arrested and are now helping in investigations.According to the husband, it was on that Sunday (day of the attack) that he returned from his loan and thrift meeting, "njangi", with the sum of FCFA 200.000. He handed the money to his wife to keep. Little did he know that she will be attacked that particular night.

That same night at Buea Road Mutengene, bandits broke into two stores. One deals with cosmetics and the other a tailoring workshop. They swept everything, including fried groundnuts and kola nuts. According to the owners, what they made away with is estimated at over FCFA 500.000.


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