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How The West Funds Anarchy, Terrorism In Horn Of Africa February 18, 2010

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Godden Ndengo Zama

Godden Ndengo Zama

Despite all of its efforts to fight terrorism the world over, the West is reluctantly helping to fund anarchy and terrorism in the extremely volatile and fragile Horn of Africa. The United States even views this region as the most likely growth centre for terrorism this decade!

One part of Africa were terrorism and radical Islam is gaining support is definitely in East Africa or better still the Horn of Africa.

Somalia is the heart of radical Islam in East Africa and is currently the breeding ground for Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa. Somalia is a failed and abandoned state in every aspect of the terminology.

With a very weak central government for several years today, most of Somalia has been taken over by the Al Qaeda and Yemeni supported El Shabbab and gangs of Pirates and warlords.

They now run most of Somalia and are using the large material and financial support from their rich friends and millions of Dollars of ransom money to champion their cause of Jihad in the entire region. 

They are slowly but surely spreading their tentacles all over the region. In the next couple of years it is my humble opinion that Jihad would take Africa by storm if nothing is done to stop it, unless otherwise the Jihadists move into an oil-rich African country with Western business Interest. But unfortunately most of East Africa is void of Black Gold.

The "Fund"
The Gulf of Eden is a big trading route and millions of dollars worth of goods pass through this route every day. Somalis have transformed this area into one of the most dangerous waters in the world. 
The region is covered with Somali pirates who hold western Cruise ships and Oil tankers for ransom. Over the last couple of years Millions of dollars have been exchanged by this pirates and western ship owners.

This extravagant amount paid as ransoms is destroying Somalia. The rule of law is dead and anybody with a few guns and a western bait is as good as a ruler.

The chaotic situation and shanty security arrangements in this region is sending back millions of dollars into Somalia to fund warlords backed by the radical El Shabaab. When this financial resources are added to the generous support of their illustrious Jihadi backers they form an almost unstoppable force.

As long as the world, including the African Union don't do something to reverse the chaos in Somalia, and the big trading companies don't secure the gulf of Eden rather than paying meticulous ransoms to who knows who, Sub-Saharan Africa would stumble into disorder of untold proportions.

The Question:
It is simply inexplicable why most security arrangements in the Gulf of Eden are unilateral and most countries would only take care of their own businesses. A more unified response to this crisis would be more reasonable.

Also the African Union seems to belief that if the Central government of Somalia gets one tenth of the amount of money being used to 'fight' piracy in the region, she would be strong enough to address the treats of terrorism and piracy in the region. I honestly think the Kenyan Backed central government would need more if the ransom money keeps increasing by the hour.

It is absurd that Cameroon, an extremely peaceful country is getting tons of military aid from western governments while a country like Somalia is getting peanuts!!! Is this because of strategic business interest in the Gulf of Guinea…?



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