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Savouring Sachet Water But… February 16, 2010

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The sale of sachet water is en vogue but the source and purity of the water is questionable. 

As dry taps continue to persist in the town of Yaounde, inhabitants are seeking different ways to solve the problem of potable water shortage. One of such ways is the production and sale of water in small packages. Shop owners as well as hawkers are making brisk business through the sale of sachet water along streets and other main junctions in Yaounde. Without any knowledge of the source of water in sachets, many keep savouring its taste saying one cannot resist a sachet of cold water during a hot afternoon. 

Moving along main roads down town Yaounde, one can see hawkers carrying bags of cold water in sachet for sale. The cost of each sachet depends on the producer. Some of the sachets are sold at F CFA 25 while others are F CFA 50. “From the look of things there is mad rush for sachet water”, Amadou A., a shop keeper in Briqueterie, Yaounde said. Each day Amadou says he could sell over four bags of sachet water with each containing over 200 sachets. During high atmospheric weather conditions, inhabitants say they cannot avoid buying cold sachet water from hawkers who always use captivating messages to attract them. Irene N, an inhabitant of Yaounde said when she is thirsty for water, she uses at times F CFA 25 or 50 to get a sachet of cold water. Irene says not only is the trader at her doorstep but also the cost of getting a sachet of water is within reach unlike the cost of other water on sale. A wholesale supplier of sachet water that opted for anonymity explained how he is in touch with producers of sachet water to ensure that people have potable water at paltry sums. 

But the purity of sachet water is what many people cannot attest to. Due to the hot atmospheric condition and the fact that it is rare to see a public tap flowing, many inhabitants say buying sachet water is their best bet at a moment when the throat is in need of drinking water. Another consumer of sachet water says he believes that water that has been packaged is safe for drinking at all times. But there are those who have opted not to buy sachet water questioning the hygienic conditions under which the water is collected and conserved. Keen consumers of sachet water say some of such water has a taste and smells


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