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Strange mosquitoes invade Uganda February 12, 2010

Filed under: Health/Sante — kikenileda @ 12:45 PM

Authorities in Uganda are studying what they term as strange mosquitoes that have invaded a district in the western region. The mosquitoes which have invaded Kabarole district are slightly bigger than the usual ones; feed day and night and cause skin rash on face and upper limbs of the people they bite.


Those they bite develop symptoms similar to those of chicken pox. 

Now, Dr Joa Oketch, the Kabarole District Health Officer says they have taken blood samples from 27 people who were bitten by the strange mosquitoes and tested positive to malaria.

He identifies the affected areas as Mugoma zone 1 and 2, Buteebe parish in Karambi Sub County, Katojo prison and Kitere in Kibimba Ward, West Division in Fort Portal municipality.


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