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Cameroon: Biya urges youth to fight climate change on Youth Day February 12, 2010

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President Paul Biya of Cameroon has urged the youth of his country to fight against global warming by being involved in the different environment protection campaigns, particularly the Green Sahel project aimed at reforesting large tracts of land across the country.

In a message broadcast on radio and television on the occasion of the 44th youth celebrations on Thursday, he told the youth to be aware of the increase in air pollution, in view of the intensification of vehicle fumes and industrial waste emissions.

Talking of the recent summit in Copenhagen on global warming, President Biya said even if it did not reach the main goals, this was not really a failure as participants recognised the importance and urgency of the problem.

President Biya said Cameroon was concerned about a number of issues on global warming – the drying up of Lake Chad, the desertification of its northern part and the rising levels of the ocean.

He said as a stakeholder in the solutions adopted, the country was responsible for part of the Congo basin, considered as the planet's second lifeline.

According to the Cameroonian head of state, the youth would have a role to play in the quest for a compromise and compensation within the framework of the negotiations which got under way in Copenhagen and which would probably continue for a long time to come.

Yaoundé – Pana 12/02/2010  


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