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Council Buries Unidentified Corpse February 9, 2010

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The remains of an unidentified body, found on Mount Cameroon, reached the palace of the Chief of Bokwaongo on Thursday. 

John Mwambo, a resident of Bokwaongo, on going to harvest honey from the mountain came across a corpse on February 28th, 2008. He informed Chief Linonge Francis Kinge, the President of the Buea Sub Divisional Chiefs Council, the other Chiefs as well as the administration for measures to be taken in identifying and burying the corpse. To be sure, the Chiefs on their part sent back John Mwambo and another villagers for verification. 

One year later, that is February 2009, nothing was heard on measures taken by the administration to retrieve the corpse. This caused some Buea Chiefs to threaten a boycott of the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope in 2009. “Corpses are not buried in the mountain. Whether it is a Bakwerian from this area, a stranger or a plane that crash on the mountain, we always make sure the corpse is evacuated, but nothing had been done,” Chief Linonge explained to CT. 

As such, in collaboration with administrative authorities, it was finally decided that the corpse should be retrieved from the mountain. On February 03, 2010, at 10 p.m., three young men left Bowaongo for the mountain. Led by John Mwambo, they walked throughout the night. They returned the next day, February 04, at 3 p.m. carrying a nylon package, completely sealed. It contained the remains of an unidentified person. The Chiefs of Buea, present at the scene, gave a sign of relief as their ordeal was over.



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