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Mass protest in Togo against African Cup football ban February 8, 2010

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More than 10,000 people have demonstrated in Togo against a decision to ban the country from the next two African Cup of Nations tournaments.

The Confederation of African Football (Caf) suspended Togo for withdrawing from this year's competition in Angola.

Togo pulled out after an attack on its team bus killed two officials on 8 January, days before the tournament.

The protesters in the Togolese capital Lome called for the Caf president, Issa Hayatou, to resign. The protestors marched through the streets of Lome carrying placards saying: "Issa Hayatou must go" and "Issa Hayatou, you have outstayed your usefulness".

They ended up in a stadium where a resolution was read out, describing Mr Hayatou as "a shame to Africa", and calling on all African countries to support Togo in its stand against Caf.
The captain of the Togolese football team and Manchester City striker, Emmanuel Adebayor, last week described Caf's decision as "monstrous".

Caf said it imposed the ban because the Togolese government had interfered by insisting that the team withdraw, even though some members wanted to play on.

The Togolese government has said it will take legal action against Caf.

The organisers of the protest in Lome say they will stage weekly demonstrations in different parts of the country until Caf reverses its decision. 


One Response to “Mass protest in Togo against African Cup football ban”

  1. Enileda Says:

    This is how people start trouble amongst Africans. People are already saying that ban would have never happened had it been Cameroon. And I agree. Instead of showing solidarity, CAF decides to implement nothing more than a disgraceful ban. So sad!!!

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