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You Can Now post Comments from Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc February 7, 2010

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Readers of Cameroonechoes.com. We enjoy you coming to our site for the music
and the articles. We also would love to hear from you more. So we have made it
possible for you to leave comments by logging in with the following networking
services instead of making you sign up for a new account. Most of you come to
the website via facebook, yahoo and others. Thus as from now on, you would be
able to use the same accounts to leave comments and track replies to your
comments. The following social networking sites will do, FACEBOOK, YAHOO,
OpenID. Please just clic on "COMMENT" at the bottom of the post you are interested in commenting on. We plan on expanding the website to accommodate more features as our
viewership grows. We get good emails from you, if you like what you see please
let us know. Your feedback is very important. Please if you have song requests,
leave a comment on the post and we shall try to add it to the playlist at the
foot of the page if we can find it. 


Cameroonechoes Team


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