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Libérons Lapiro ! – Free Lapiro ! Album is Out February 6, 2010

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(Album sample available at http://mp3.mondomix.com/liberons-lapiro)

 Some international music icons have added their voices to press for the liberation of Lapiro de Mbanga after that of civil society organisations.

Music stars of different horizons and nationality have put together an album of eleven tracks dedicated to Lapiro de Mbanga of Cameroon incarcerated since March 2008 in Kondengui prison shortly after the February 2008 social unrest. The authorities, it should be recalled, accused the legendary musician of fanning the February 2008 uprising flames by instigating youths to go on the streets. 

He was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and given a fine of FCFA 200 million. Since then,  his arrest has made waves across the continent and the world provoking reactions and lobbying from pressure and human right groups canvassing for his release.

The tract titled 'Free Lapiro", has been put together by musicians like Pascal Lokua Kanza, Frederic Meiway, Nibs Van Der Spuy, Jr. Eakee etc. In the album the musicians plead for the unconditional release of the musician of the people who they admit has been fighting the cause of the destitute, the poor and the general liberation and freedom of mankind. The album that just hit the music stands on 5 January 2010 has multiple voices of both African and European musicians in an eleven track liberation peace. Meiway for example joins his voice to the liberation plea with the title 'Les chauts de Martyrs Apkass' with 'Dans les reves d'un pere pour son fils'. Ja Warrit with 'l'ecoute d'un regime', Jr Eakee with "La nuit ou ils sont venus cueillir Lapiro" Nibs Van Der Spy with "Home-ward bound," Matanza with "Freed-home" etc.

Prior to the musical album, it should be recalled, some civil society organisations had been clamouring for the liberation of Lapiro whom they claim was a victim of dictatorship and injustice that characterised the Biya regime. Civil society organisations like Free Muse ACAT, Mondomax Vigier have all taken turns to draw the attention of the international community and the powers that be in Cameroon on the need to liberate the renowned musician, Lapiro de Mbanga. Only recently the musician, who is wailing in agony at the Douala New Bell prison cell, got an award from an international organisation worth FCFA 12 million for his struggle and courage to fight for justice and democracy.

Lapiro, observers say, has been a thorn in the flesh of the Biya regime with his very democratically sensitive songs and messages unveiling the can of worms in government management and the ills of the ruling class and laying bare their political intrigues. His incarceration, therefore, it is said, is a reprisal for daring to reprimand government action.


2 Responses to “Libérons Lapiro ! – Free Lapiro ! Album is Out”

  1. All those people who enjoy his music owe him their support. When he was singing people were encouraging him, the moment he is incarcerated it seems his fans are not rallying enough behind him.

  2. May the entire world join in this liberation movement. Bravo to this team of goodhearted musicians

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