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Hon. Ketcha Donates Helmets to Bike Riders In Return for their Support of Biya’s “Grands Ambition” February 6, 2010

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Bangangte (Nde) – Hon Ketcha Jean CPDM Member of Parliament for Nde, has told the youths of Upper Nkam and motor bike riders in particular that President Paul Biya needs their cooperation and contributions to achieve his grand ambition policy. He was Speaking in Bafang on 3rd February where he shared out 1200 helmets and 1200 Spur Jackets to some Cameroonian youths in the Division who are involved in motor cycle business. 

Hon Ketcha Jean who was in Bafang on his second lap of free helmets distribution to motor bike riders, weeks after Bafoussam, where he launched the “Operation 100.000 helmets” told hundreds of youths who gathered at the Bafang ceremonial ground that, the spur jackets and helmets he was distributing to youths was his symbolic gesture design to help eradicate poverty and promote economic growth and social development in the motorbike sector. 

He noted that in the past few years "there has been a big improvement in the overall motorbike business in the country and for that sector to excel, he as member of civil society thought it necessary to contribute his own quarter by sharing out helmets to those involved in the sector. 

Hon Ketcha, reminded the youths in Bafang that he was not a stranger in Upper Nkam, because he was in that constituency to give his support to the CPDM victory in the last legislative and municipal elections, where CPDM scored 100% in both elections. He expressed the wish to see his social action strengthen and deepen regional integration and therefore enlarge the youths support for President Paul Biya actions towards development. 

For his part, Hon Kamga Jean Jacques CPDM MP for Upper Nkam, used the occasion to thank his colleague of Nde, Hon Ketcha for showing great interest in the Cameroonian youths who are future leaders. He revealed that a large and growing part of the Cameroonian youths are drifting away from other social and Economic occupations to the motor bike business, and for that reason needed the assistance of a committed Cameroonian like Hon Ketcha. Hon Kamga Jean Jacques did not hide his political feelings by calling on the youths to vote massively for President Paul Biya, to enable him continue his development process. 

Presiding over the colourful ceremony SDO for Upper Nkam Mr Ivaha Diboua Samuel said the Government was in need of men with integrity like Hon Ketcha Jean who can assist Government to provide assistance to groups of bike riders. To the bike riders, the SDO said motor cycle business was a sector that gives the youths good opportunity to make money, but they must assume their duties with responsibility, devotedness and hard work.


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