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Biya Gets New Code Name, “Elephant Man” For 2011 Elections February 5, 2010

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Instead of our so called ministers doing whatever job they are supposed to be busying themselves with, they go around  engaging in useless and immature pleasantries. The public does not care about the million names that Paul Biya is getting because that does nothing for the development of the country but Mr Education minister thinks otherwise


The Minister of Higher Education, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo, has given President Biya a new codename for the 2011 elections campaign as "Mr. Elephant".

Fame Ndongo who is the former communication officer to President Paul Biya says the "Lion Man" now merits to be called "Elephant man" given his new vision for gigantic investment projects for Cameroon beginning this 2010.

Fame Ndongo said the codename Lion which is the king of the forest and well known for its ferocity and courage was given to the president during his 1992 presidential campaign under specific circumstances.

The vision and challenges ahead of President Paul Biya as spelt out in his 31 December 2009 end-of-year address, Fame said, was enormous. He said the president by that message has presented himself as a builder and investor who wants to leave behind a legacy for posterity, leave behind footprints as a leader who has the interest of his people at heart.

He made this statement last week in Yaounde while receiving New Year wishes from his close collaborators of both the external and internal services of his ministry.

Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo said an elephant is well known for its building and protective capacity and ability to pull along its kind out of trouble waters.

The minister who virtually turned his New Year wishes ceremony into his campaign stint for Paul Biya paid glowing image of the president's 27 years stewardship at the helm of the nation.

"For 27 years Biya has distinguished himself as the most prestigious animal in the forest, the great elephant, still very energetic to sail the nation through any troubled waters", he said.

He lauded the president for the special concern accorded the university community with the special bonus of FCFA 4 billion to university lecturers as research grants as well as FCFA 3 billion as scholarship to meritorious students for 2010.


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