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69-Year-Old Man Rapes Girl, 9 February 5, 2010

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The man involved, could as well be a monster, but he was called Aboubakar.

Aboubakar invited the nine-year-old girl selling "follerie", a locally produced beverage.

Aboubakar played the Bill Gates by indicating that he was ready to buy all the stock of drinks.

The young girl, who, we whose name we withhold, evaluated her merchandise at FCFA 1,500.

"No problem", indicated Aboubaker, "but you might want to come over at quatier Bali to collect your money". That is how Aboubaker shamelessly tricked this little girl into an inn in the neighbourhood.

Moments later, the little girl was seen crying as she came out of the motel with a thorn dress, and narrated her ordeal and was immediately rushed to the Laquantinine hospital.

Medical sources confirmed she had been raped and will have to cope with a number of complications.
Aboubaker was immediately arrested. He is presently at the Littoral Gendarmerie Legion.

Guess who this monster is; a 69 year polygamist, married to five women and he is a father of seventeen children.



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