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Notorious Rapist Caught At last February 1, 2010

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John Bessong Agbor has just come to the end of his ninety nine days as an unrepentant, heartless and unremorseful rapist as he will be facing the strong arm of the Cameroon justice system in the days ahead.

The story holds that John Agbor who lives in one of the beach villages along the sea-side end of Tiko sub-division is an old trickster and rapist who under the guise of helping young ladies around that area have been raping them.

In his last adventure, Agbor had for five days, consecutively, been relaxing in-between the thighs of two tender girls of ages of 12 and 14.

The girls, whose names we are withholding for social reasons, were tricked to believe that the handsome-looking rapist had a programme to help them continue with their school in Tiko town since they had dropped out for financial reasons.

Five days of unexplained disappearance of the girls was enough cause for concern for the villagers who immediately ganged up with the parents for action.

In the anxiety and panic that followed, a complaint was worded and dropped at the Tiko gendarmerie unit which occasioned the commissioning of a security team to the village.

The security team opted for a midnight raid and conducted a thorough search which lead to the discovery of the rapist in the company of his two victims all wrapped in loincloth  looking sick and tired from what the uniform officers described as ' over activity'.

Angered by the deviant scene, John Agbor was whisked off to Tiko to answer charges.

Contacted by the Eden in his gendarmerie cell, John B Agbor sounded confident that he did not abuse the girls.

But quizzed as to why he was harbouring the girls without the knowledge of the parents, he stammered and announced his determination to argue his case in an open court.

Meantime as the rapist is gnashing his teeth under detention pending his appearances in court, the two girls are currently undergoing intense medical attention in one of the hospitals

By Kowac Bandolo


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