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Woman Declared Missing In Nkongsamba for Questioning Son’s Disappearance January 31, 2010

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A woman in Zone Six in Nkongsamba in the Mungo Division who lost her son during the February 2008 demonstrations has been declared missing. The victim, Mme Madeline Malingue, mother of 5, is said to be paying the price for continuously questioning local authorities on the whereabouts of her close relative who is thought to have been killed during the February riots.

She had organised a series of protest demonstrations in Nkongsamba and in Douala to demand the corpse of her adopted son until she became a nuisance and a target of security forces who allegedly began hunting her. Although a human rights defender, she could not withstand threats on her life given that she had on several occasions been detained. Reports say, the 67-year-old widow, Mme Madeline Malingue, was amongst those who protested against the closure of Radio Equinox on 22 February 2008. Family members are said to be bracing up to petition international organisations on what they term human rights abuses.

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