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Togo banned from next two Africa Cups of Nations after pulling out of Angola- Your Thoughts ? January 31, 2010

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Togo national soccer team captain Emmanuel Adebayor, front, being helped by unidentified team member following a deadly attack in Cabinda


No, you did not read backwards. This is indeed the classy decision that CAF has come up with. As reported by Timesonline:

Togo have been banned from the next two Africa Nations Cups after their withdrawal from this year's competition in the wake of two members of their delegation being killed in an ambush, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) said on Saturday.

"The players publicly expressed their willingness to return to the Nations Cup to compete. But the Togo government decided to call back their national team," the CAF said in a statement.

"The decision by political authorities contravenes CAF and African Nations Cup regulations. The executive committee therefore has banned Togo from the next two African Nations Cups and fined the Togo FA 50,000 U.S. dollars."

A Togolese assistant coach and a press officer died following an ambush on their bus in the northern Angolan province of Cabinda on Jan. 8, prompting the government to recall the team for three days of mourning.

CAF chief press officer Suleiman Habuba said the decision was based on article 78 of CAF regulations which say: "A forfeit notified less than 20 days before the start or during the final competition shall entail in addition of the forfeit of the entry fee, a maximum fine stipulated by the regulations as well as the suspension of the concerned national association for the following two editions of the African Cup of Nations."

The CAF statement added: "The executive committee and CAF repeat their profound sympathy to the families of the victims of the tragic attack. CAF has condemned the attack and denounced the act of terrorism."

Angolan police in Cabinda have already arrested two alleged members of the FLEC (Front of Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda), a separatist movement that claimed responsibility for the attack. Togo midfielder Thomas Dossevi, who was on the bus when it came under fire minutes after it crossed the Angolan border from Pointe Noire, Congo, said Togo should appeal against the ban.

"We are a group of footballers who came under fire and now we can't play football any more. They are crushing us," he said. "Togo should appeal the suspension. When we said we were going home for a three-day mourning they said they were with us in this ordeal and now they punish us."


4 Responses to “Togo banned from next two Africa Cups of Nations after pulling out of Angola- Your Thoughts ?”

  1. Joe Says:

    NA REAL TIKO DRINK , KUMBA DRUNK. Now the world can see how bright our officials are. Pathetic Nincompos!

  2. Nji Atah Says:

    I am just ashamed that the international community can now see how officially messed up our officials are and incompetent at handling anything. Issa Ayoutou is twisted in the head.

  3. Ngu Abra Says:

    I wonder just what point they are trying to prove.
    This is sad.

  4. Oba Says:

    AS THE SAYING GOES, IT DOES NOT RAIN BUT IT POURS. When Africans want to be stupid, there is no limit to the madness

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