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Emana’s goal against Egypt leads to Wife Discovering Husband’s Infidelity January 28, 2010

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The incidence ended in disorder and bloodshed. 

A middle-aged fisherman, whose skull was hit by an incensed wife at the Bessengue neighbourhood in Douala during the Cameroon-Egypt momentous encounter last Monday 25, is said to be positively responding to treatment in a private health facility at Akwa. The couple, Mathew and Angelica, locked horns when a bunch of condoms slipped out of the fisherman’s pouch while he skipped and bounced in honour of Achille Emana’s lone goal for the Lions.

Mathew had a sleepless night. The yacht, “East Winger”, which supplies crayfish and tilapia to smallholder dealers, had been offshore for four days. Mathew had not sold for a week. His family leans on the “East Winger” for livelihood. Penury had transcended his doorsteps, bringing anger and anguish into his household. Angelica had pulled a wrinkled face for the past days. She no longer called her husband Math, a prefix she uses when all is well. It was 5 a.m. The honk of the “East Winger” echoed beyond the bumpy sea waves. Mathew sprang onto his feet; hastily slut on a pair of weary seaman’s boots and a waterproof waistcoat, then saddled a picnic basket and rolled towards the sea.

The fisherman returned at dusk, with both jaws beaming with smiles. It was a sunny day. And, the football match between Cameroon and Egypt had just begun. A chunk of neighbours had gathered in Mathew’s seating room, gesticulating to different actions on the screen. Mathew sat beside his wife, visibly tensed, like a thousand other fans across the nation. Then, came the spirit churning goal of Achille Emana. Mathew’s household quaked with ululations. The fishermen sprang to his feet, leaped close to the ceiling, darted from end to end, and then spin his waistcoat in the air. Several items dropped out. These included scales of tilapia, a wallet containing his identification documents and a packet of condoms. Mathew did not take note. He rather dived into the bedroom, and returned with a CFA 10,000 with which he ordered beer for every spectator. Angelica had grabbed the preservative. One out of four tablets contained in the pack was missing. In a flash, Angelica pounced on Mathew, struggling to sneak her fingers between his legs. But Mathew fought back. He knelt on one leg, clutched his teeth and heaved the over 80 kg woman to the left flank of the dusty parlour. The visitors struggled to intervene, but the wrestlers were committed. Then, Captain A. Hassan scored the first goal for Egypt. Woe and disorder intensified. The spectators broke into two. One camp wept by the TV and the other tussled with the wrestling couple.

Mathew suddenly discovered the cause of the fight. His spirit chilled. His muscles shrank. Angelica dashed into the bedroom, and re-emerged with a long-heel shoe branded “pointinini”. Mathew sparked like a mad cat to protect his hairless skull. It was too late. Angelica had bounced the sharp heel on her husband’s head. Mathew staggered, lost consciousness and then sank under his weight. Onlookers say Mathew was not “prudent” enough. At press time, Angelica was loading her possessions into the booth of a township taxi.


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