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Cameroon in Solidarity with Haiti January 25, 2010

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The Minister of Communication in a press briefing last Friday clarified public opinion on Cameroonians in Haiti. 

The Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, during a press briefing in Yaounde last Friday made an exact appraisal of the situation of Cameroonians on official missions in Haiti after the 12 January earthquake that occurred some 16 kilometres from the capital city, Port Prince, killing over 100,000 people with huge material damage. The Minister told pressmen that after the Head of State’s message of solidarity, condolence and compassion to his Haitian counterpart, President Biya is preparing to give the Haitians the necessary assistance that will help revamp their economy and other needs.

Although Cameroon does not have a diplomatic representative in Haiti, Issa Tchiroma Bakary said all information he was giving out is authentic because it come from Cameroon’s permanent representation in the United Nations in New York which is in close contact with the United Nations General Secretariat where a crisis unit has been created. The Minister revealed that there are three categories of Cameroonians who happened to be in Haiti when the quake took place. The first categories are civil servants sent by the government to be members of the staff of the United Nations based in Haiti. The second is a contingent of 12 policemen, who were in Haiti as part of the process aimed at maintaining peace, stability and security while the last group is NGOs and Cameroonians living in Haiti on a personal basis.

The Communication boss was proud to say all the 12 Cameroon policemen in Haiti are safe and secure but for some who lost their properties. It is unfortunate that amongst the civil servants on United Nations missions based in Haiti, one woman, by name Nguekeu Rosaline is still missing to date. She is presumed dead but there is no official information to that. A Cameroonian also working with the United Nations is under intensive care in the Dominican Republic with both legs broken. There is no clear information about NGOs or other Cameroonians living in Haiti when the earthquake occurred. The Minister of Communication said there are two numbers at the Ministry of External Relations in Yaounde, 74628381 and 22205747 through which Cameroonians can call to be connected with somebody in New York to get exact information about their people living in Haiti.


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