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Limbe Catholic Priest In Alleged Homosexual Scandal January 23, 2010

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The population of Limbe, particularly the residents of Isokolo have
been gripped by total shock, and disbelieve, following the alleged
homosexual scandal involving a Roman Catholic priest in the Ngeme
vicinity recently.

The priest whose name we got as Father Jean
is alleged to be helping the Gendarmerie Brigade in Limbe to unravel
what many have termed sodomy and a heinous crime.

Reports have it that the priest is alleged to have made so
many advances towards a young man who lives in Ngeme and had promised
him huge sums of money to make love to him.
The young man is said to have questioned this strange behaviour of the Roman Catholic priest.

the pressure from the Man of God, the young man is alleged to have
alerted his friends on the happenings, promising them that when ever he
is in bed, naked with the priest, he is going to tell them so that they
could see for themselves.

Unconfirmed sources reveal that the
priest had promised the young man sums ranging from FCFA 500,000 to
FCFA 1,000,000 to make love to him.

True to his words, on that fateful day, the boy is said to have informed his friends of the venue and time of the action.

friends stormed the venue at the appointed time and caught them as the
priest was persuading the young man to have sex with him.

Naked like Adam and Eve in the garden, they were caught pants down.

angry friends and the mob that had gathered were ready to roast the
priest alive, but for the intervention of one of the boys from the
crowd who identified him as a priest of the Roman Catholic Church who
has been offering mass in many parishes in Limbe.

He was
arrested by the forces of law and order and taken to the Gendarmerie
brigade in Limbe to answer charges on this behaviour which is allegedly
very common in the Roman Catholic Church but strange in Limbe.

press time, all attempts to get the Company Commander of the Limbe
Gendarmerie Brigade and the Roman Catholic mission to comment on the
issue, proved futile.

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