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Cameroon Passport Change January 4, 2010

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All Non Biometric (CEMAC) Cameroon Passports EXPIRED December 31st 2009. In other words, if you are in possession of the OLD Passport even if you renewed it for traveling purposes in December 2009, the validity of your Travel document HAS EXPIRED as you are reading this mail.

If for any reason, family emergency, Business,
Seminar, Work , Pleasure, whatever,… you are obliged to travel to
another country, consider as at this moment that you don,t have a valid Cameroon Passport.

Because of the importance of the ongoing and the anticipated volume of request for NEW Cameroon Passports, I am reliably informed that the Cameroon Government via the Embassies has extended the grace period to March 2010.
It would be important to call the your Embassy for details.
I am reliably informed equally that there is a specific fee posted on the Embassy web page and Cameroonians should not rely on the services of "Middle Men" or what we commonly know as "Demarcheurs" to facilitate obtention of the new Biometric Cameroon Passport. This document will need your fingerprints.
It might be helpful to go through reliable community groups like the ACCDF for more information.
For those in the United States, my reliable sources say, the Embassy
will establish satellite Consular services in known cities with a
strong Cameroonian community i.e Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, Houston/Dallas. All others in smaller cities will be forced to program a trip to Washington DC.
Please don,t await the last minute to rush to the Embassy with…"I
just bought my Ticket and I must travel tomorrow"… or "My father or
mother is agonizing and I must travel NOW"…or "Je suis tres presse.
Je n,ai pas le temps a perdre avec les betisses. Tout ce que je veux
c,est mon passeport toute de suite. Malchance."
Bottom Line…If you don,t presently have
the new Cemac BIOMETRIC Cameroon Passport, then YOU DON,T CURRENTLY
The wait time for issuance of your new Passport is
approximately two to three weeks. Keep this in mind before making your
travel arrangements. Timing is of essence.
Again, call the Cameroon Embassy for those in the
USA or talk to ACCDF executives and other Cultural Group leaders for
more information and a better coordination.
I also found out why some Passports are "Withdrawn" from their "Owners". If you already have American Citizenship (with an American Passport)…and you ask for a renewal of your "ancien" Cameroon Passport(for whatever reason), it will not WORK as Cameroon does not (YET) have DUAL Nationality treaties with the United States. The Embassy does not and will not seize your passport because you are an asylee.

If you have lost your Passport, you will have to show proof that you are who you say you are at least with an authentic Birth Certificate (not le Faux), Carte d,Identite Informatisee or any other reliable documentation. Don,t go and start with "My
house caught fire et j,ai tout perdu". Well if you have "tout perdu"
then unfortunately you have "Tout Perdu"…Period. ..Get yourself a
good Lawyer to help you.

NB: This is a free (NJOH) service I am offering very benevolently. So address all inquiries to "a qui de droit" i.e son excellence Monsieur l,Ambassadeur and his staff or my bosses

at ACCDF i.e Ivo Tassong and Bonnie Chungong.

Obtained from CAMSA USA email.


4 Responses to “Cameroon Passport Change”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    how long should I have to wait to get my new passport I apply since July and I have to travel to Ireland what should I do to travel

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I am desperate to go to Cameroon at the end of this year. my US visa is expired and i am a student. Some1 told me if i go to Cameroon and apply to come back i may not get the visa to get back here becus i transferred schools a few weeks after i got to US. i have been a great full time student though…
    Du you know how long it takes to renew a passport ????. can it be done in a week or less?????

  3. Anonymous Says:

    probably u will have to go back to Cameroon to renew it

  4. I love the expression used and the fact that Africa and beloved Cameroon is going further, I applied for a Citizenship that i got and a new passport, but now i dunno how i ll renew it because i live in Australia, do i have to Go to USA just to renew my passport?
    please help

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