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Echo Lens Focus: Mr Jean Marie Teno, Pioneering Cameroonian Cinema January 3, 2010


Renown Cameroonian Filmmaker, Mr Jean Marie Teno captured this real live incident of vigilante injustice in Cameroon in his 1999 documentary film. In the film, the producer would document the troubling events which he witnessed in his village. One of them being a young boy who was nearly lynched by a mob depicting the people’s justice in a lawless state. He also delves into the tradition that ordains men as ultimate rulers of the family while attending a wedding and discuses the fate of a journalist imprisoned without a trial for writing an article about the health of the president.

This is a very poignant film which demonstrates the regrettably sad reality of our society. In the poverty that reigns, a man’s live becomes equal to that of chickens. I had a chance of meeting this humble filmmaker at an African film festival at my school and his work is simply amazing. For those of you doubt Cameroon’s ability to produce quality film I would advice you not to rule it out until you have watch his movies.
“Chef” is just one among several of his very praised works with “Clandestine” most often referred to as “Clando” ranking high in his resume.
In this movie, a proud and determined hunter sets out, “leaving behind his village ravaged by a terrible drought. All the villagers came out to wish him well, and everyone gave what he could: an egg, a handful of peanuts or a few kola nuts…
As in the folktale, Sobgui, a former computer programmer who now drives a “clando” cab in Douala, flees to Europe to escape a life in Cameroon which has become unbearable. In Cologne (Germany), Sobgui joins a community of African emigrants. Most are hard-working and ambitious people. Sobgui begins a love affair with Madeleine, a German political activist who encourages Sobgui and his friends to return home and fight for change.”
Please visit this talented Cameroonian film maker for more info on his work and for purchases at http://www.jmteno.us/



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