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Africa walks Out December 15, 2009

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African groups have walked out of the working group meetings of UN climate negotiations here in Copenhagen, over what the media are reporting as anger against the perceived 'sidelining' of the Kyoto Protocol.

Negotiations are continuing here at the Bella Centre in other negotiating groups.

There are two tracks of the UN climate negotiations: the Kyoto Protocol (KP) and the Long Term Co-operative Action (LCA) working groups. The groups work in parallel, and there has been extensive discussion this year about whether the two converge at some point. On legal outcome, much of Copenhagen negotiations ask whether a single legal outcome would be preferable.

Some developing countries want to hold onto the Kyoto Protocol, and other countries point to the fact that Kyoto does not have all the world's major emitters included in it.

As news spread throughout the conference centre of the African walk out, many delegates chanted 'We stand with Africa – Kyoto targets now'.

With only days left, people need to be in the room to get a deal in Copenhagen. The UK Government hopes that Parties will work together to resolve this issue so that we can achieve this objective.

At a press conference this morning, Ed Miliband emphasised that the UK had no intention of getting rid of the Kyoto Protocol before there is a new legal treaty, or treaties, in place. He also warned against a partial legal treaty and said we can only peak global emissions with all countries involved.


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