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The madness of CPDM Leadership in the USA December 14, 2009

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By Dr. Peter T. AKO

Fellow Cameroonians,

You probably have already heard about the recent happenings
regarding the Cameroon Diplomatic Service in Washington DC by now. The
initial reports had it that the Ambassador of Cameroon to the USA had
assaulted protesters. Later reports, however, tell a different story.

My people, it is with a very heavy heart that I write this morning,
as I see the hand of evil very strong at work. I weep to see just how
easily people tend to run down those they do not agree with. I beg that
we keep our eyes and ears wide open and use our brains to analyze every
info we receive regarding this issue. Lies and half truths are already
polluting the air, and rumor mongers and their rumor mills are at work,
full blast.

This is the background to what happened:

For a very long time the Cameroon Embassy in Washington DC was
operating as if it was established to serve just the few who call
themselves the CPDM King pings. This small group of individuals has
been credited with reporting fellow Cameroonians to the former
Ambassador for having asylum status, even though some of them who now
carry US Passports came in through the same asylum doors (In fact some
of them are still having Assylum status, but pretend they are not).

To renew Cameroonian passport in Washington DC at that time was a
near impossibility, except (maybe) for those who had special ties with
the embassy or those who were friends with the afore mentioned CPDM
leadership gang in DC. The annual May 20th Celebrations became the
private affair of these selfish few, who would collect money from the
embassy to organize rallies and parties on behalf of Cameroonians in
the USA. Then they will suddenly vanish into the thin air with
impunity. Even the other members of the CPDM leadership outside this
gang will not see even a penny! These conscienceless fellows almost
made Cameroonians in the USA to believe that others had no stake in the
affairs of their own Diplomatic Mission in Cameroon. There is no doubt
that at that time many Cameroonians did not want to have anything to do
with their own embassy in Washington DC, as the embassy staff had
become overlords and were acting very arrogantly. Going to the embassy,
or even contacting the embassy for any legitimate business was a
nightmare. These so called CPDM kings and their cronies had a field
day, and used their “privileged positions” to make life very difficult
for their fellow citizens.

Then the wind of change came and blew the former ambassador, their
godfather, away. In the heat of the change, these political prostitutes
pretended that they had nothing to do with the out-gone ambassador. My
gush, they have suddenly forsaken their old friend and master! What a
world!! Then came the new ambassador, fresh from Nigeria (credited with
being a key member of the committee that wrestled Bakassi from
Nigeria), with much zeal and enthusiasm to positively transform our
embassy in DC, just like he did the Cameroon Consulate in Calabar,
Nigeria. But even before His Excellency Joseph Foe Atangana had the
time to settle down, these crooks had started lobbying for recognition
of their infamous “dog eat dog” agenda.

Little did they know that the new ambassador has seen the good, the
bad, the ugly, and all sorts of crooked behavior in Nigeria. Little did
they know he had brought with him (in his diplomatic bag) an agenda to
clean up the mess at the embassy and reform the entire operating system
in Washington DC to meet the needs of every Cameroonian.

Unfortunately these crooks say Mr. Foe Atangana committed a grave
“SIN” when he told these individuals that the President sent him to the
USA as ambassador to all Cameroonians, and not just to the small clique
of embassy paraders called CPDM chiefs in DC. Surely the new Ambassador
had been duly briefed of the night flying tendencies of these men who
leave a trail of confusion and division wherever they go. In the day
they are CPDM and at night they are PCP.., CC.., UND…, etc!

Fellow Cameroonians, positive change at the Embassy of Cameroon is
what we have prayed and longed for over the years. God has heard our
prayers finally, and sent The People’s Consul (that’s how we called him
back in Calabar) to make life easier for us —

*The People’s ambassador started off by recognizing the ACCDF as
the genuine representative of the Cameroonian people in the USA, rather
than the self-imposing three or so CPDM clowns in DC. He called in the
ACCDF to help organize this year’s 20th May celebrations in DC. It was
a huge success and the selfish gang didn’t like it!

** within the short time he has been here, Mr. Foe Atangana has
reshaped the mentality of the embassy staff and it is very delightful
now to hear sweet and polite voices answering your calls at the

*** Thanks to him, it now takes less than five working days to have
your passports renewed at the embassy, and you do not need to have any
middleman! Do you now see why our self styled kings are angry?

**** The Ambassador is already organizing Town Hall Meetings to
give an opportunity to Cameroonians to listen to him directly and voice
their concerns.

***** The new ambassador already plans to visit with and meet with
Cameroonians across the USA, not just with those in DC. I hear he even
plans to meet first with the heads/leaders of all Cameroonian Cultural
groups in the USA.

****** He says he wants every Cameroonian to contribute ideas on
how to cultivate that much wanted spirit of Cameroonian patriotism in
all of us. This way we can give our best to our beloved Country, and
make it prosper, regardless of where we may come from, or which party
we belong to. He even encourages all of us to go out there and interact
with other communities, copy their positive attributes, and take them
back to Cameroon.

All these have happened just within a few months of his stewardship
at the helm of affairs at our embassy. Ladies and gentlemen, What else
do we expect of an ambassador?

Back to the opening paragraph of this write-up: It is not true that
the ambassador assaulted anybody. It is also falshood that he came out
of his office to meet the protesters. Rather, the ambassador was
reportedly coming to the office when he was blocked by these paid
hooligans. The leader of the gang was wrestled down by the police when
he resisted arrest. That’s how he got injured. The ambassador never
touched any body. He merely walked down to the CPDM Vice Chairman (who
was hiding his face) and asked him to unmask himself so the world can
see him. He was surprised that his own CPDM folks would not only
betray, but ambush him. Mr. Ambassador, it is unfortunate that you have
to learn the hard way – these guys mean no good. They will mow you down
if things fail to go their way, any day, any time. That’s simply the
bitter truth. But I know you are a good man, and God will protect you.

My dear brothers and sisters, let us please give our new ambassador
a chance, as we trust he is moving in the right direction, just like he
did in Nigeria. He is a believer in democracy, justice and fair play.
As a matter of fact the alleged corruption accusations against the
finance guy at the embassy has been there long before Mr. Foe Atangana
was appointed by the Head of State to head Cameroon’s Diplomatic
Services in the USA. Why didn’t they confront their former boss with
these allegations? Were they not part of the corruption circle? It is
unfortunate that those who helped to cultivate the corruption culture
are the ones crying foul today. The true reason for them harassing our
ambassador is this: No free money for them to pilfer any more. Period!

My appeal: Let us help the ambassador to help us supporting his
good works. Trust me, he stands for all Cameroonians. Let us GET UP AND
SAY NO TO THUGGERY AND SELFISHNESS! Let me tell you this, the bad guys:
For any one demonstration you stage against this good man, the good
people in the Cameroonian community in the USA will stage at least ten
(10). Enough is enough. Please give us a break!

Long Live Cameroon


Dr. Peter T. AKO



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